Cupcake Malbec 2010

So….As cheap wine snobs..we do look for integrity ..with wine and….well as far as artists go….it’s everything….that’s important to us.

Cupcake ..I never ever heard of it unil I saw a stockboy barrelling down the aisles of Safeway loading a bunch of cases of various types of ” Cupcake ” ..It was exasperating really..What  is this wine..? Well it’s a consortium for sure..bring in wine from around the world ..” that’s popular..and re brand it….

As I started tasting this wine I discovered no past:  no beginning and no’s like the life blood was sucked out of it.. But let me back up… the wine is very drinkable so lot’s of people will probably love it but…uhhhhhhh..integrity and soul…….. 6.99 onsale ( S )


One response to “Cupcake Malbec 2010

  1. I have been trying and reviewing dozens of Malbecs and I must say that I really enjoy this cupcake malbec. It has a great flavor profile. Although it is a bit sweet and “average” I like that it can be enjoyed right out of the bottle after work. Some malbecs need lots of decanting time and its just not worth it on a normal evening.

    My review is here:

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