Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc 2010

John Wine Snob  says: Ok you got me. I just bought this bottle of Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc 2010 at Trader Joe’s because it has a drawing of a naked woman on the bottle, and as everyone knows there is nothing better than getting naked and pulling the cork on a really nice wine. This is a really nice wine from Paso Robles, California, and I cannot describe it any better than the way is it written on the back o f the bottle. “I don’t care if you call me Lazy Bones. I love to lounge away the day alone. Why mix with others when being myself is so beautiful? When the day’s at my pace, I can relish small pleasures like ripe cherries, spiced blackberries, the aroma of sweet wood, and fresh herbs. After all, there’s no shame in putting off for today what can truly wait ‘till tomorrow.”I liked this wine so much that I think it was a try bargain at $6.99 so I can give it four stars.

jeffwinesnob Sez:  Ya know why this wine tastes like cherries??  It’s because it’s MADE from cherries!  It’s cherry wine…well not really but I swear when they were gathering grapes ..they hired blind people to pick in a vineyard that was next to a cherry orchard!  The cherry flavors are overwhelming for me. The wine is ok  ( perfect if there is no dessert and you were expecting cherry pie..) but I give it an average 3 stars $6.99  ( T.J. ) PS. The label artwork is quite nice . It looks like an old wood block print .


One response to “Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc 2010

  1. hi bought a case last year loved it Just opened a bottle tonight and have 5 bottles left is the next vintage out yet need more Cab franc and yes I bought it for the label now I want whats inside…..

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