Palacios Remondo Rioja 2009

Wine Snob John Says:

The Palacios Remondo Rioja 2009 is a damn good wine. I stopped in my local hidden secret of a wine bar  in Phoenix called Urban Bean and asked the owner to pour me an $8.95  ($26 a bottle) glass. I loved the rich redness that I did not expect from a Spanish Rioja. I sort of expected the thinness of a Tempranillo. It had the aroma of a beautiful woman who just bathed in cherries and when got out she ate some peppery and garlicy tapas.

This wine is from Alfaro, a Spanish city of about 10,000 wine drinking souls. Great place, but they have a smaller version of the Pomplona running of the bulls. They have to stop the primitive cruelty and concentrate on their wonderful wine. Or they could just have the bulls run through the grapes t juice them (the grapes not the bulls). A Rioja Bull Poop Wine…I’d try that.

“Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach.”  – Old Spanish saying

It was my first drink since having come off a severe ulcer attack and an earlier pay cut, and  I can say that I walked away with both purse and stomach intact. It was a pretty good test.

I would give the Palcios Remondo Rioja four stars.


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