D’Quino chianti

John Wine Snob says:

A census taker tried to test me. I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti. Yes, yes, that Chianti with the woven basket on a red checked table cloth, with a candle in it, with a plate of spaghetti and meat balls with red sauce. Hanibal  Lecter made it sound so much more interesting. Actually the D’Quino Chianti is what it is. A nice sort of drinkable table wine that is the comfort  food of wines. Serve it to your visiting relatives because they know nothing about wine, and at $5.99 you will be a hero. I can’t say anything good about this wine, nor can I say anything bad. You are embarrassed to buy it,  hesitant to open it, but the soothing berry and cherry flavors eventually win you over.

I would give it two stars.


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