Brownstone Pinot Noir

One of the main reasons we started Cheap Wine Snobs was to post wines that we don’t like so we can remeber NOT TO BUY THEM in the future !! Well..believe it or not I sampled this weak and worthless wine about a month ago at a bar in Flagstaff ..and hated it was the cheapest by the glass at 8 bucks What a rip!

The worst part is..I sat on the same stool ..and ordered the same thing a week ago . Can you say Deja Vu?? California with no date ..Pairs well with the drain in the Sink!


2 responses to “Brownstone Pinot Noir

  1. So after reading your concise “review” of the Brownstone pinot noir that you purchased twice at a bar that I am familiar with but no longer carries Brownstone (to my disappointment), I wonder what you actually did not like about the wine. You state clearly that it belongs in the drain but you do not provide any reasons. Unlike you, I rather enjoyed this wine and would go to this establishment (as I happen to live in Flagstaff) just to get a glass of this particular juice. Now they only carry Sutcliffe Wines (out of Colorado) and I have never cared for these. If you are going to present a wine for people to steer clear from, please explain why. Justify your opinions to lend credence to your argument. For me Brownstone pinot noir was a balance of strawberries and vanilla with grass notes and light smoke on the finish with moderate tannins. For a pinot noir, it was not very light but not as bold/deep as those coming out of Mendicino. It was not the most interesting or sophisticated pinot noir I’ve ever had by an stretch of the imagination but it was not swill. If you do not invest the time to define why you dislike a wine, I cannot take your blog seriously.

    • Amy you ignorant slut! Did you have fun tongue lashing us?
      Taste usually is derived in the mouth..but yours it seems comes from your anus.
      Are you just a negative person inside that needs to feel important?
      First of all We are snobs and therefore we do not have to justify any of the reviews that we write.
      and secondly…I’m so glad that you want to tell us how to write a review because of course you are
      so much well versed in wine than we are.
      Lastly, we write reviews mainly for fun and to try and remember the good AND bad wines for future
      purchases. You are too serious, please don’t comment anymore.

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