Cocoban Red Table Wine

John Wine Snob says:




I found this wine called Cocobon for $6.99. Red table wine it was. It was a blend I think probably heavy on the Merlot, but it did not say on the bottle. Why take the risk you ask? Only because the name reminded me that I was in jr. high school with a girl named Roxanne Kokubun about sixty or seventy years ago.


The first thing I noticed is that it had a pretty healthy nose. Like a bowl of cherries. The first swallow was very cherry like too, but that is about as far as it went. There was no complexity at all. The bottle said that it is “Blended to take you to Nirvanna.” I never got there.




2 stars.






2 responses to “Cocoban Red Table Wine

  1. I think this wine is a great value for the price. Rich flavored of cherry and dark berries. Very smooth and no after taste.

  2. Bro, the wine is $6.99!!! For that price I’m in Nirvana for sure. For my palate, I can’t find another bottle at this price that’s even half as delicious. I vote for a case of Cocoban.

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