Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon

John Wine Snob says:


I went to dinner to an upscale-ish restaurant last evening with my in-laws. My father in law suggested the Francis Ford Coppola Cabernet Sauvignon. I had had it before, but it had been several years so this was an offer I could not refuse.


He said, “I like to drink wine more than I used to… Anyway, I’m drinking more.”


I said, “It’s good for you, Pop.”


In any case, It sleeps with the fishes. It is way too heavy on the vanilla. All of the other very nice Qualities of this wine are vanillaed out. In the restaurant it was about $40, but I think it retails for about $16.99. It would be a good wine if you are only planning to shoot a dirty cop between the eyes. You are already a bit nervous and just need the wine to work up the nerve.





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