John Wine Snob says;

I have not tried that many Spanish Cabernet Sauvignons, so when I saw the Terrenal 201 for only $3.99 I jumped on it like a hungry vaquero on a plate of calf fries.

I got a lot of mixed signals form this wine like from a Spanish lover. First it gently caresses and kisses you. Then it violently SLAPS you in the face!

It is not like French or California Cabs. There is a bit of chocolate, and a bit of bitterness, but it has no endurance for a cheap wine. If you drink it at one sitting it is fine, but you can taste a huge flatness if you re-cork it and taste again later in the day. That is what I did. Lo siento!.

2 responses to “Terrenal

  1. You know I tried this wine with friends and liked it. Although I must admit we consumed it within a a couple of hours. Pretty tasty. There is also a Tempranillo with a bit more spirit. The Cab is a little more gentle, even if it did slap you in the face! LOL

  2. I tried this wine and was interested in other people’s take on this. The wine needs a bit of air but is quite good after aerated. I have never left it to drink the next day. At $3.99 I can always buy a second bottle.

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