Santi Chianti

I stopped in my local red checker table cloth Italian bistro yesterday after being out in the burning heat running errands. La Bohem was playing in the background and the waiter and chef were arguing in Italian. A baseball game was on the TV and Tony La Russa was managing the Cardinals, so all seemed right with the world. I ordered the House wine du jour, which was a Santi Chianti. At $7 a glass along with the shrimp linguini, I think it was a pretty good choice. Rich and fruity and creamy like a Chianti should be it reminded me of all of my Italian neighbors houses when I was growing up. Very comforting – like an old tee shirt you hate to part with.  It has holes in it and a few stains. The color is faded and you look ridiculous wearing it, and it’s good for wearing around the neighborhood but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you in it.


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