2010 VANEL Syrah

Pays D'oc France

A pointless, cheap and … thin like a stocking found next to Cafe’ Flore ( Notice I didn’t say un peu impermeable ! ) in Montmartre…..91 points by Wifred Wong ? at Bevmo?  Well Willie .you got it way Wong!!!  By the way: from LA Times: ” What many customers don’t realize is that Wong is BevMo’s hired tongue.”

Whoa baby!  Points for money? Willie ..are things that bad for a wine judge these days? Well all I got to say is Shame on you Wilfred Wong ..you shame all of the Wifreds in the world by giving tainted reviews about wine for money. Throw this wine bottle at  the new bullet train to Shanghai or just throw it !


2 responses to “2010 VANEL Syrah

  1. Sorry but you must be used to those Smucker’s syrahs from Australia. Wong got this right. I went back even after the 1 cent sale to get more. This is what syrah actually tastes like in France. Mmmmm!

  2. People say his review is based on the 2009 vintage, which is supposed to be superb. The 2010-2011 are garbage, but BevMo has not updated its site to reflect those changes. Perhaps 2010 was a bad year?

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