2010 Vola Sangiovese

The Vola Sangiovese might be the current ultimate cheap wine snob wine. At $1.99 at Trader Joe’s what could possibly go wrong?
It is one of those Tuscan country wines that are so great in the summertime. It has lots of fruit flavors, but I don’t want to overthink this one. It is obviously not complicated, so serve it to a depressed friend.
I am an artist and most of my friends are artists which means that most of my friends are depressed. When a depressed artist friend knocked on my door late one night the first thing I did was open a Vola Sangiovese. Don’t open an expensive wine to cure depression. This is a wine on which  one does not need to focus. After the bottle we threw down several shots of Tito’s Vodka (Try it. It is one of the world’s upcoming gems). Depressed artist friend felt lots better so i rolled him out to his car and pointed him in the right direction. What are friends for?


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